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Vista Pouch Clear Gold 6x12 1000 count

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High Barrier : 6"x12" Gold Foil Back, Clear Front Vista Pouch. 3 mil Thickness

No Texture not for suction style machines

3 mil Thickness High Barrier : 6"x12" Gold Foil Back, Clear Front Vista Pouch. 

Flat Pouch, BPA Free! High Air Barrier Vacuum Bag

This flat bag pouch has no texture and a view through a clear front to a gold foil that will professionally display products like Salmon Locks, Smoked Fish, Cookies or any product that you want to show off where presentation is important. 

For use with commercial chamber vacuum sealers, and AmerivacS nozzle styles. These bags are used for display purposes where enhanced advertising is wanted. Our Sammic Line of vacuum packers the MiniPack line, as well at the VacMaster line of chamber style vacuum packer use this type of bag material.

In a business, skimping on bag quality or its ability to advertise for you is a guarantee loss of revenue with your end products. Stick with better quality and see greater repeat business and happier customers with your vacuum sealed products.

Call if you have any questions: 800-227-3769

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