Roll 8" x 52' 4 Mil

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Roll 8" x 52' Vacuum Sealer Material 4 Mil

Roll 1 of the 8"x52' 4 Mil 

Good quality roll material. 

This is a textured material for suction style home units.

The 4 mil roll bag material comes in 52-foot lengths.  This bag material is a thicker bag to the touch.  The bag is universally compatible with all types of home style vacuum sealers.

Several widths of roll bag material are available for making and shaping just the right size bag for the job. This Poly/Nylon bag material is FDA approved for food use. The bag material has been tested for boiling, microwaving, and freezing with excellent results in all categories.  Not suitable for Sous Vide Cooking

The roll bag is large and will not fit inside the home style vacuum sealers with storage compartments.  Reroll 1/2 of the bulk roll to make a smaller vacuum sealing roll.  

The bag material is a nice everyday material for quick use throw away bags.   

Made in China


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