100 Quart SousVide Bag 8"x12"

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100 Quart 8"x12" Vacuum Pouches SousVide Textured Sealing Bags.

100 Pre-Cut Vacuum Pouches Sous Vide Textured Bags. 

 Quart Size 8"x12" Premium Bag Material

This is a premium textured material for suction style home units.

This bag material is constructed in Italy.  The higher nylon and reduced poly material in this bag makes, the material much less susceptible to piercing. The percentage of bags that loosen losing the vacuum in the fridge, freezer, and cabinet is significantly less with this product. 

There is a secret to buying good quality bags.  

Look for a dual purpose vacuum sealing bag.  A boil-able high-quality bag that is Sous Vide capable is vital to an overall top performing bag.  Bags that are actually built for Sous Vide cooking require better air barriers and leak resistance to water and air.  

This bag will function universally with all types of residential style vacuum sealers such as a VacUpack, a VacUpack Elite. The Weston brand, VacMaster, FoodSaver, Deni, and other typical retail vacuum sealer units.