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About PMG Inc.

At PMG Inc. our vision from the beginning has been to offer products that deliver an Emphasis On Quality, with an Accent on Innovation. Offering superior quality products that promote a healthy lifestyle, family fun, with money saving abilities.  Vacuum Packers, and Sealers have been our speciality product since 1984. The Vacupack name is a trade marked brand name, it is often imitated but never duplicated. Products that carry the Vacupack name also carry the best warranties in the industry, guaranteed.  The Vacupack brand has become an icon in the Vacuum Packing Industry, known for top quality, durability, longevity of the product and guaranteed warranty, all resulting in your best value for your money.   

 Chef network and programs with professional schools such as the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, The Northwest Foodservice Show, we help you capitalize on the latest seafood and eating trends. Professional Marketing Group Inc. provides top quality equipment such as Vacuum Packers, Vacuum Sealers, Cryovac, Sous Vide, Retort, Canning, Mylar, many other packaging options, as well as Smokers, Dehydrators, Marinators, Dehdrated foods to better assist your culinary art. Top quality equipment and ingredients together will help you create your culinary masterpieces with easy. Experience the enjoyment of working with great equipment, fantastic fresh foods and wonderful recipes.


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