Clear/Gold Flat Bags

Clear/Gold Flat Bags

Clear Gold Flat bags measured from the outside dimension of the bag. Standard measurement in the industry allow for 1/4 inch seams on each 3 sides of the bag for inside dimensions. Certified for resale applications, clear front gold back, flat, 3 sided pouch, FDA approved, BPA Free, industry standard 3 mil. Used with chamber vacuum sealers or impulse sealers, snorkel style vacuum packers, for the food industry, medical industry, and clean room sterile purposes. Freezer safe an air barrier poly co-extruded product widely used for Industrial applications. These bags are widely used for resale applications to display and market products. The clear front allows the customer to see the product inside with a gold display back enhancing the look of the product being shown.

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  1. Gold Foil Pouches

    Gold/Clear 6"x15" Bag 125 ct


    Clear Gold Foil Bag, Vacuum Sealer Pouch Learn More
  2. Clear Gold Foil Bag

    Gold/Clear 6"x10" Bag 1000 ct


    Clear Gold Foil Pouch Commercial Vacuum Sealer 6"x10" Learn More
  3. Clear Gold Vacuum Bag

    Gold/Clear 6"x10" Bag 125 ct


    Gold Clear 6"x10" Flat Bag Pouch 125 ct Foil Learn More
  4. gold clear foil bag

    Gold/Clear 6"x15" Bag 1000 ct


    Clear Gold Foil Pouch Bag 6"x15" Vacuum Sealer Learn More
  5. Clear Gold Chamber Pouch

    Gold/Clear 8"x12" Bag 1000 ct


    Gold/Clear Flat Pouch 8"x12" Learn More
  6. Clear  Gold Chamber Bag

    Gold/Clear 8"x12" Bag 125 ct


    Clear Gold Pouch Flat Bag 8"x12" 125 ct Learn More

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