Flat Bags 4 mil Vacuum seal bags

Flat Clear bags for use in Commercial Vacuum Machines, Impulse Sealers, Cryovac and Snorkel style units. Certified by FDA for resale applications. These pouches are clear, flat, 3 sided, they are BPA free, 4 mil, thicker than industry standards. They are constructed of 9-layer co-extrusion film and contain a minimum of 18% nylon. Common uses include processed meats, cheeses and items that need to be packaged in a thicker gauge. Other industries uses: Food, Medical, Marijuana, Electronics and Green House Cannabis Growers, Clean Rooms, Electronics and Autoclave sterile purposes. The bags are boil-able, microwaveable, freezer safe and excellent for SousVide Cooking. These pouch bags are medium plus air barrier, co-extruded product widely used for industrial and residential applications.

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  1. Flat Poly Bag, Chamber Vacuum Machine Impulse Seal

    4 Mil 6x20 Flat Bag 500 ct


    4 Mil 6"x20" Flat Bags for Commercial Kryovacs Chamber Vacuum Packers Learn More
  2. 4 mil 8x10 Flat Poly Bag

    4 mil 8x10 Flat Bag 1000 ct


    4 Mil 8"x10" Flat Smooth Bag Pouches for Industrial Sealers, Vacuum Packer, & Impulse Sealing Learn More
  3. 4 mil 8x12 1000 Flat Poly Bag

    4 mil 8x12 Flat Bag 1000 ct


    4 Mil 8"x12" Flat Bag Commercial Vacuum Sealer Pouches, & Impulse Sealing Learn More
  4. Poly Commercial Bag, Vacuum Pack Machine

    4 mil 8x18 Flat Bag 500 ct


    4 Mil 8"x18" Flat Pouches Commercial Vacuum Sealers, Impulse Sealing Learn More
  5. 4mil Flat Bag Poly Chamber Vacuum Sealer Impulse

    4 mil 10x12 Flat Bag 1000 ct


    4 Mil 10"x12" Smooth Flat Bags for Commercial Sealers, Impulse Packaging, SousVide Tested Learn More
  6. Vacuum Sealer Bag Flat Impulse Seal

    4 mil 12x14 Flat Bag 500 ct


    4 Mil 12"x14" Flat Bags for Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealers and Impulse Packaging Learn More
  7. Poly Flat Pouch, Air Barrier, Vacuum Packers Commercial

    4 mil 12x18 Flat Bag 500 ct


    4 Mil 12"x18" Commercial Camber Vacuum Machine, Flat Pouch Bag, Impulse Sealing, Learn More

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