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5 mil 6"x10" Flat Bag 1000 ct

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5 mil 6"x10" Flat Bag 1000 ct Extra Thick Heavy Poly Pouch for Vacuum Sealing or Impulse Packaging

5 mil Thickness Premium Pouch: 6"x10" Flat Pouch: {OD} Box of 1000, BPA Free! The Highest Available Air Barrier and Commercial Sous Vide Boil-able

This is our Highest Quality Premium Pouch

This flat bag pouch is used with commercial chamber units and our Amerivac nozzle machines. Superior Sous Vide boil-able bag, with very high air barrier qualities. Our Sammic Line of vacuum packers the MiniPack line, as well at the VacMaster line of chamber style vacuum sealers and Cryovac's use this type of bag material.

The 6x10 5 mil bag is a very popular bag for 1lb T-bone Steaks, Salmon Steaks, a pound of bean or rice.  These items all have sharp edges that cut and puncture the regular 4 mil bags.  When sealing crab legs in the shell, shrimp or other excessive sharp foods use paper or foam plates to add extra protection. 

We are very pleased to offer some exciting news regarding our vacuum pouch Kryovac bags. Continually we are faced with increasingly competitive prices and thinner gauge pouches.

Therefore, our Canadian manufacture and their engineers, formulate a new structure. We are excited to introduce to the market place a superior bag material to what is standard in the industry. This new structure is our "Best Quality Vacuum Pouch" and is currently available in many sizes on this site. Now our "Standard 4 mil Vacuum Pouches" are the same quality of our competitors Premium Vacuum Pouches. This makes these "Premium 5 mil Pouches" the best available anywhere. All our pouches are co-extrusion process. This process makes a stronger better quality bag. Exceptionally high quality Air Barrier Bags

In a business, skimping on bag quality is a guarantee loss of revenue with your end products. Stick with better quality and see greater repeat business and happier customers with your products. "Best Quality Air Barrier Cryovac and Sous Vide Cooking Pouch, Guaranteed"

Trust Cryovac with all Your Storage Needs (93)

Cryovac has been providing consumers with the industry’s best vacuum sealable storage bags for years. They are made with quality materials to ensure a high air barrier that keeps moisture and air from penetrating. Your items will be safe and secure once sealed in the bags with a vacuum sealer, so you won’t have to worry about heat damage, mildew, animals, or bugs. They’re even airplane safe -- no popping or tearing! Depend on Cryovac storage bags for the highest quality storage solution on the market!


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