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4 mil 6x10 Flat Bag 125 ct

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4 Mil, 6"x10" Flat Smooth No Texture Bags for Chamber Sealing Machines

4 mil Thickness: 6"x10" Flat Pouch: Box of 125, BPA Free! Extremely High Barrier for Freezing and Sous Vide Boil-able

Protect Your Stored Items 

Storing items can be stressful, from packaging to organizing. These premium 5-mil vacuum storage pouches make storing, protecting, and organizing your items easy. Everything from bulky food storage or camping gear to blankets and even medical marijuana can be sealed in the bags for preservation and easy storage. Minimal storage space is used, especially with large items like blankets and clothing. Once sealed in the bags with a vacuum packager like AmerivacS or Sammic, most or all of the air is removed, creating a dense, compact storage solution that’s easy to ship, move, or store. 

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