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Retort 4oz Canning 125ct for Chamber Machines

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4 oz Retort Canning Pouch, Flexible Can for Food Processing.

Packaging and sealing meats, fruits, vegetables, pasta, beans any food desired even water, for long-term shelf stable storage is no longer for just commercial applications.

Large processors and small businesses can take advantage of the light weight, smaller packaging and superior flexibility of canning with retort bags. Refer to the FDA guidelines relating to commercial processing with retort bags. 

The Vacuum-Sealed pouch must be pressure canned according to all canning instructions given when using glass jars or tin cans. And an autoclave is suggested for retail sales of retort canned foods.  The flexible retort packages are easier to store as they are non-breakable, unlike glass. These bags are BPA Free unlike cans.

Retort canning bags work best when vacuum sealed in a chamber unit.  The removal of the air in the bag is needed when placing the bag under pressure in a canner.  We suggest both Sammic or Minipack brands and our new VacUpack Visaal as the best choice for chamber units and successful retort canning. 

Home-owners there are no FDA guidelines for home pressure canners and retorts. Can at your own risk! 

  We relay information relating to our own successful canning process but by no means are they FDA approved.  Commercial users consult your HACCP guidelines and health department for FDA approved canning in retorts. 


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