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Foil Pouches 10"x15" Gusset & Zipper 25 ct

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Foil Gusset Pouch Zipper "Better than Mylar"

Foil Pouch with a Bottom Gusset and Zipper Top with a Top Load Design

5 lb Load, Extremely High Barrier, Extra Long Storage Life, Silver Color, 25 count

If you are looking for a long term storage pouch that also provides a re-closure zipper, gusset bottom for stand up storage. This extra heavy non-mylar foil bag is for you! This bag is much more than traditional Mylar with superior storage.

Understanding Mylar : Mylar is a trade name for a polyester bag material, very low to medium air barrier. Most true Mylar bags have a shelf life of 1-3 years maximum. This is not to say they cannot go a bit longer in ideal temperature environments. There is much to-do on the Internet and via churches about storing foods in Mylar? for up to 20 year storage.  In the past 35 years we have tested the 20 year storage information and not found it to be true.  Mylar is far to thin and allows to much oxygen to seep into the bags over the years.  The foods are very stale, discolored and basically non edible.  The foil bags are superior but still only about 10 years with optimal foods such as beans, and white rice.  About 1/2 that time with high oil content foods such as brown rice and roasted nuts. 


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