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Foil Pouches 10"x15" Gusset & Zipper 100 ct

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Foil Pouch with a Bottom Gusset and Zipper Top with a Top Load Design

Foil Pouch with a Bottom Gusset and Zipper Top with a Top Load Design

5 lb Load, Extremely High Barrier, Extra Long Storage Life, Silver Color, 100 count

If you are looking for a long term storage pouch that also provides a re-closure zipper, gusset bottom for stand up storage. This extra heavy non-mylar foil bag is for you! This bag is much more than traditional Mylar with superior storage.

Understanding Mylar : Mylar is a trade name for a polyester bag material, very low to medium air barrier. Most true Mylar bags have a shelf life of 1-3 years maximum. This is not to say they cannot go a bit longer in ideal temperature environments. There is much to-do on the Internet and via churches about storing foods in “Mylar” for up to 10 year storage.

Think about this next information while planning emergency storage supplies! Since the manufactures of the Mylar Bags state 1-3 years maximum storage, what makes it last for 20 years? Common sense tells us that after just a couple of years the foods will lose not only nutritional value but literally start to deteriorate. With dry products they will just turn to dust or powder or become rancid and stale with zero value to you and your family when consumed as food. This is especially true for items such as Bisquick, pasta, crackers, some vegetables, brown rice, and more. Emergency food storage is not about what was packed so long ago one can’t remember what it is. Then when needed expecting your family will instantly change and desire stale, worthless foods just because of the situation. Plan for the least stressful option to have the best meals with the most nutrition possible, by rotating foods packed in the best quality bags available that will keep your food fresher longer. Use the best bag possible with the longest manufactures suggested ratings for your precious food stores and don’t get caught with zero nutritional value food or worse garbage.

These Foil Pouches offer the highest air barrier protection available in a bag for your foods stuffs. The manufacture suggested shelf life is 10 years for non oil products such as beans non-roasted almonds and 5 years for products with oil such as roasted coffee, and roasted nuts.

The foil is a 7 mil thick very heavy duty with the longest shelf life possible in a foil type bag, commonly referred to as Mylar. If you are in need of a bag to store dehydrated foods, beans, rice, vegetables, fruits, candy nuts, just about any dry product this foil bag will give you the longest possible storage available on the market today. Use them with a chamber vacuum packer or Cryovac machine or use oxygen absorbers and desiccants. With a chamber vacuum sealer place the bag across the heat bar before the zipper. Vacuum the bag no need to close the zipper until after the bag has been opened. Use the zipper then to store the remaining product to keep it fresh. When using oxygen absorbers or desiccants place them in the bag with the product, and zipper closed. Use a home style vacuum packers or impulse sealer to seal the edge just past the zipper to ensure a leak proof bag.

Store the sealed bags in a safe secure place away from rodents or weather damage and see great results for up to 10 plus years for foods without oils such as bean or un-roasted almonds, white rice. Products such as brown rice, roasted coffee, roasted nuts high oil content have about ½ the shelf life.

If the bag fills with air the shelf life diminished greatly so check your product on a regular basis and rotation is the key to great long term storage always keeping food fresh and ready to consume.

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