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5 mil 8x22 Flat Bag 125 ct

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5 mil 8x22 Flat Bag 125 ct Used in Chamber Vacuum Sealers Impulse Sealing

This is our Highest Quality Premium Pouch

This flat bag pouch is used with commercial chamber units and our AmerivacS nozzle machines. Superior Sous Vide boil-able bag, with very high air barrier qualities. Our Sammic Line of vacuum packers the MiniPack line, as well at the VacMaster line of chamber style vacuum sealers and Cryovac's use this type of bag material.

Attic Organization with Sammic 

With the attic, garage, and closets full of unused blankets, clothes, food storage, decorations, and more, organization can seem like an insurmountable task. With these premium 4-mil vacuum-sealed bags by Sammic, you can get control of your organization and protect your items at the same time! These bags are made with a co-extrusion process for strength and durability, so you can trust that they’ll not only hold your items securely, but also protect them from dust, moisture, and air. Rely on Sammic for all your storage needs!

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