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5 mil 8x15 Flat Bag 500 ct

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Flat Bags 8"x15" Pouch Vacuum Chamber Machines and Impulse Sealers.

5 mil Thickness Premium Pouch: 8"x15" Flat Pouch: {OD} Box of 500, BPA Free! The Highest Available Air Barrier and Commercial Sous Vide Boil-able

 Strength You Can Depend On 

For years, brands like VacMaster and Cryovac have been providing quality vacuum sealed bags that keep your personal and commercial items safe for storage and/or shipment. With a high air barrier that keeps air and moisture out, these premium 3-mil bags are ideal for storing blankets, clothing, and food items. You can even take these bags on planes -- they are designed to withstand the pressure changes and will not pop or tear! Whatever your storage needs may be, these pouches are the reliable solution.

These are replacement bags for chamber vacuum machines such as our Sammic, VacMaster, AmerivacS or MiniPack brands.  A chamber machine is a commercial unit where the entire bag fits into a chamber box. In the case of the AmerivacS nozzle units the design is entirely different.  These do not work in your suction style unit like the Vacupack Elite, Vacupack Deluxe or Weston Pro2300 series. 

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