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5 mil 16"x20" Flat Bag 1000 ct

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5 mil 16"x20" Flat Bag 1000 ct

5 mil Thickness Pouch: 16"x20" Flat Pouch: {OD} Box of 1000, BPA Free! Air Barrier bag is the standard in the vacuum packing industry.

This flat bag pouch is used with commercial chamber units and our AmerivacS nozzle machines. Also our Sammic Line of vacuum packers the MiniPack line, as well at the VacMaster line of chamber style vacuum sealers and Cryovacs use this type of bag material.

Maximum Strength, Minimal Fuss 

Store your unused blankets, clothes, camping gear, decorations, and more in these convenient and durable vacuum storage pouches by MiniPack! These 3-mil bags are designed with your needs in mind, so strength and ease are priorities. They are stackable and clear to allow for simple organization and storage, and their high quality materials and air barrier provide the highest level of protection for all of your valuable items. Once sealed with a MiniPack vacuum sealer, these bags are airtight and secure, leaving you with peace of mind.

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