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4 mil 8x18 Flat Bag 500 ct

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4 Mil 8"x18" Flat Pouches Commercial Vacuum Sealers, Impulse Sealing

4 mil 8x18 Flat Bag 500 ct

This poly bag in an 8"x18" is large and narrow.  A perfect bag for Tuna loins, Smoke Salmon sides, Baby Back Pork Ribs, sausage, jerky, pepperoni, as well as any other long narrow product.  

These replacement bags are used in chamber units brands we carry are Sammic, MiniPack, Vacupack, VacMaster and AmerivacS nozzle and chamber units.  These bags are also replacement material for impulse sealers and nematic units. 

We are very pleased to offer some exciting news regarding our vacuum pouch Kryovac bags. Continually we are faced with increasingly competitive prices and thinner gauge pouches.

Therefore, our Canadian manufacture and their engineers, formulate a new structure. We are excited to introduce to the market place a superior bag material to what is standard in the industry. This new structure is our "Standard Vacuum Pouch" and is currently available in many sizes on this site. Now our "Standard 4 mil Vacuum Pouches" are the same quality of our competitors Premium Vacuum Pouches. This makes our "Premium 5 mil Pouches" the best available anywhere. All our pouches are co-extrusion process. This process makes a stronger better quality bag.

In a business, skimping on bag quality is a guarantee loss of revenue with your end products. Stick with better quality and see greater repeat business and happier customers with your products. "High Barrier Cryovac and Sous Vide Guaranteed"

Call if you have any questions: 800-227-3769

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