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4 mil 8x18 Flat Bag 125 ct

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4 mil 8x18 Flat Bag 125 ct Chamber Vacuum Sealers and Impulse Sealing Replacement Material

4 mil 8x18 Flat Bag 125 ct

Strongest Vacuum-Sealed Storage Solution 

Taking vacuum-sealed packages on an airplane has never been so easy! Whether you’re traveling with clothing, camping gear, food items, or anything else, these premium 5-mil bags will protect your items. Thinner bags will pop or tear under the pressure and temperature changes of airplanes, but our most trusted brands, including VacMaster and VacUpack, are made with the highest quality materials, and will withstand harsh conditions to keep your products safe. Simply fill the bags, then seal with a vacuum packager. Your products will be reliably protected so you can have peace of mind. 

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