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4 mil 8"x12" Flat Bag 500 ct

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Vacuum Sealer Flat Poly Bag 4 Mil 8"x12"

4 mil Thickness: 8"x12" Flat Pouch: Box of 500, BPA Free! Extremely High Barrier for Freezing, and Sous Vide Boil-able

 This flat bag pouch is used with all commercial chamber units such as Sammic, MiniPack and VacMaster and our AmerivacS nozzle machines. Superior Sous Vide boil-able bag, with very high air barrier qualities. Our Sammic Line of vacuum packers the MiniPack line, as well at the VacMaster line of chamber style vacuum sealers and Cryovac's use this type of bag material.

Organize Your Food Storage (

Food storage can be a daunting task to tackle if you aren’t equipped with the proper storage tools. These premium 4-mil bags from trusted brands like Cryovac and VacUpack are the perfect way to seal and preserve your bulky food items like whole chickens, fish fillets and other meat cuts. Even cannabis will be kept safe from moisture and air exposure with the high air barrier these bags are designed with. The bags are durable against temperature changes, so you won’t have to worry about popping or tearing in the freezer or when thawing. Simply fill the bags with the food storage, seal with a vacuum sealer, and freeze for later use. No matter what your food storage needs are, these bags are the solution for you.

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