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4 mil 8x10 Flat Bag 1000 ct

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4 Mil 8"x10" Flat Smooth Bag Pouches for Industrial Sealers, Vacuum Packer, & Impulse Sealing

4 mil Thickness: 8"x10" Flat Pouch:

Box of 1000 BPA Free! High Barrier for Freezer and Sous Vide Boil-able

 Depend on AmerivacS for Sealed Storage Bags 

With these premium 5-mil vacuum bags, you can store just about anything! They’re the thickest available and designed with high quality materials so you can trust that your items will be safely sealed. They’re commonly used to store camping gear, meat and bulky food items, medical marijuana, and clothing. The options are limitless! Their high air barrier protects items from harmful elements like heat, air, and moisture, and they’re even durable enough to travel with! Other bags will pop and allow air leakage with the pressure changes of an airplane, but these AmerivacS bags are reliable and sturdy for all your storage needs!

Also compatible with Sammic, MiniPack, VacUpack, and VacMaster commercial chamber machines.

Call if you have any questions: 800-227-3769
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