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4 mil 12x18 Flat Bag 125 ct

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4 Mil 12"x18" Flat Bag Pouches for Commercial Vacuum Sealers and Impulse Sealing

4 mil 12x18 Flat Bag 125 ct

Strength You Can Trust 

Between air, temperature changes, moisture and humidity, and regular handling, your clothing, camping gear, food storage, and other items can quickly wear and go bad. With these premium MiniPack 5-mil pouches, your items will be sealed and protected. Used commonly by marijuana cannabis growers, these bags are trusted to preserve delicate and perishable content. While thinner and lower-quality bags have been known to pop or tear, these bags remain durable. If you frequently fly with your product, these bags are capable of protecting your items even through the pressure and temperature changes of airplanes. Rest assured that your products or personal items will be protected.

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