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4 mil 12x14 Flat Bag 125 ct

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4 Mil 12"x14" Flat Commercial Chamber Pouch, Poly Bag

4 mil Thickness: 12x14" Flat Pouch: {OD} Box of 125, BPA Free! Extremely High Barrier for Freezer and Sous Vide Boil-able

 Vacuum Packaging Preserves Your Products 

Trusted brands like VacMaster, MiniPack, and Sammic have kept your products safely sealed in vacuum packed bags for years. These premium 5-mil Cryovac pouches are the standard of quality when it comes to keeping your items preserved. Whether you’re storing bulky items like camping gear or bulk food items, or more delicate items like cannabis, these bags will keep your products protected from the elements. You can safely travel with these bags, too. Their high air barrier and quality materials make them durable against pressure changes in airplanes, where thinner bags would pop. You deserve the unmatched quality and protection that has kept customers happy for years. 

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