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4 mil 10x12 Flat Bag 500 ct

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10"x12" 4 mil Flat Pouch, Commercial Vacuum Sealer, Impulse Sealing, SousVide Tested.

4 mil Thickness: 10"x12" Flat Pouch: Box of 500, BPA Free! Extremely High Barrier for Freezer, and Sous Vide Boil-able

A very popular size the 10"x12" 4 mil bag fits the MiniPack MVS 31X perfectly.  The MiniPack MVS 31X and 35X have very short chambers but are very deep.  This bag size lays out flat in the chamber and can hold up to a 3 lb. chicken.  Also great for larger SousVide meals.  Vacuum seal bags must have a higher air barrier than regular zip lock bags or poly bags.  This air barrier keeps the air from seeping back into the bag keeping the food inside fresher longer.  Vacuum packers with chambers where the bag is completely placed inside the cavity of the machine use this type of flat pouch.  There is no texture on this bag, it  is clear, sealed on three sides.  The opening is at the 10" dimension.  

This bag is used in all our chamber units by Sammic, MiniPack, VacMaster, Orved, and Visaal VacUpack.  The AmerivacS nozzle units also use this type bag as well as all impulse sealers.  

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