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4 mil 10x12 Flat Bag 1000 ct

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4 Mil 10"x12" Smooth Flat Bags for Commercial Sealers, Impulse Packaging, SousVide Tested

4 mil Thickness: 10"x12" Flat Pouch:

Box of 1000, BPA Free! Extremely High Barrier for Freezer, and Sous Vide Boil-able

Storage Solution for Food, Camping Gear, and More 

We’ve all seen it: the cluttered garage or attic with unsealed boxes filled with food storage, clothing, or camping gear that wears or goes bad despite lack of use because of air exposure and moisture. Get organized and preserve your stored items with these premium 5-mil vacuum sealable storage bags. These pouches are ideal for storing things like: 

 - Meat and meat bones or other bulk food

- Camping tarps, sleeping bags, tents, etc.

- Blankets, clothing, and other fabrics

- Marijuana Cannabis

 Getting organized is easy with vacuum sealed bags made with high-quality materials by dependable brands like VacUpack, Cryovac, and Sammic. Simply fill, then seal with a vacuum pack sealer, and trust the strength that has satisfied customers for years!

These bags are also compatible with MiniPack, AmerivacS, and VacMaster commercial sealing machines. 

Call if you have any questions: 800-227-3769
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