Bags Flat - Commercial

Bags Flat - Commercial

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Vacuum Seal Bags, pouches that are flat and smooth, used in Commercial or Industrial vacuum sealer packers. Flat bag, retort, gold clear, gold foil, safe handling, mylar, dry shield, 3 mil, 4 mil, 5 mil, and 7 mil material for vacuum packer machine,Chefs and Sous Vide cooks, restaurants, Fish processors and Meat Packing plants, Deli's and Grocery Stores, Bakeries, and Butcher Shops, Prepper's, Hunters, Fishermen, Sportsmen and Woman.
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  2. Clear/Gold Flat Bags (6)
  3. SousVide Flat Bags (44)
  4. Foil Bags Mylar Food Saver (9)
  5. Retort Canning (8)
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