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AmerivacS Pneumatic Impulse Sealer

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[AVP]AmerivacS Pneumatic Impulse Sealer

[AVP] AmerivacS 

 Pneumatic Impulse Sealer no vacuum.

The AVP series was designed for heavy-duty applications. The most evident feature of the AVP is its lack of visible controls. Form follows function providing an expansive clear work surface to hold product ready to be sealed.

Side mounted heat and cool timers fitted to a powder coated steel chassis regulate seal parameters that are critical to obtaining airtight/watertight seals. A one-tap steel encased foot switch provides hands-free operation. And, of key significance, like the AVN and AVS, the AVP will not fire an impulse until the upper and lower jaw completely meet, further ensuring operator safety and un-compromised seal integrity.

The air gauge is top grade for accurate calibration. The pressure bar is powder coated aluminum.

Don't forget the AmerivacS stand for perfect height adjustment for every employee. 

Made in the USA

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