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VacUpack Elite

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VacUpack Elite voted "Best in Class" 

 Designed and manufactured in Italy





VacUpack Elite Stunning Italian Design built for durability and that famous Italian quality that has lasted for generations.

Vacuum package pre-made meals and leftovers. Fresh pack game, fish and store bought bulk buys.  The VacUpack Elite is ideal for home use recreational hunters and fishermen.  Home cooks love the convience and ease of use for sousvide cooking.
VacUpack Elite features an easy to use control panel with pre-set vacuum settings for simple operation. 

Or use the manual settings to achieve your desired vacuum amount.

This is the only home style unit that uses a domed heat seal that crimps the bag while it is heat sealing. The dome style heat bar provides a much stronger seal and is superior for damp or wet bags.

The accessory port is used for sealing canister and jars.  Accessory Hose is included.

Comes with 2 year warranty. 

Call if you have Questions 800-227-3769

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