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SVP 10/15 Heat Wire & Tape

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SVP10 and SVP15 Heat Wire and Tape for a Chamber Style Vacmaster

SVP 10/15 Heat tape and Wire

Heat Wire and Tape: For a Chamber Style Commercial Vacuum Sealing Packing Unit. 

The Tape and Wire come together, no bar. $25.00 a foot of each.

Call to make sure this is the correct wire for the heat bar on your vacuum packer there are two different heat bars for the SVP10 and the SVP15 and the wires are different.

 We do stock different heat wires and tape to fit a varity of machines.

Please call to get the correct fit for your machine 


I also offer a service to install tape and wire on your heat bar.  Send me your heat bar and I can refresh the tape and wire for you. (prices very depending on the heat bar.


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