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MDT 60 Sous Vide Dip Tank for Shrink Packaging

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MDT 60 Sous Vide Dip Tank for Shrink Packaging.

Dip Tank 

Choose the right hot water dip tank for your shrink bag packaging process.

 A high volume food packaging operation or a small retail shop, the MDT Series

and the Sous Vide Professional, are reliable heating systems that meet specific needs.  


Main benefits of the MDT Series are a full system integration with hydraulic lift system and strong

heating wattage. 


Main Advantage of the cost effective Sous Vide Professional is its compact design and flexibility

with tank sizes up to 8 gallons. 


Vessel Size and Heating Systems any size up to 41 gallons. 

MDT Series offers

  • Hydraulic lifting system up to 220 lbs. Strong heaters for 25 and 41 gallons
  • Cycle Time of 2.7 seconds
  • Large easy to read LCD display 
  • Insulating propylene balls included - Over temperature protection

The Sous Vide Professional allows you to perfectly heat and control any water tank or vessel up to 8 gallons.  


For applications that require highest precision, the Sous Vide Professional

controls and circulates liquid temperature to 1/10th of a degree. 


Hydraulic Performance powerful and reliable. 


The MDT Series offers excellent hydraulic lift support for up to 220 lbs of sealed product.  

With automated cycles of 2.7 seconds, the system processes large volume. 

Sous Vide Immersion, Display, Controls and Programmability. 


Intuitive to use, the Sous Vide Professional and the MDT Series are equipped with a large backlit LCD display,

that shows set and actual temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.  All systems are equipped with low liquid level,

and over temperature safety protection. 

MDT 60

Tank Dimensions 19.70 X 23.60 X 16.50 
25 Gallons
Dip Depth 8.6 inches
Hydraulic Lift Max Tep 203 F No Circulation
220 Volt / 3ph / 25A 2 X 4500W 
Unit weight 342 Lbs  
Ship weight 365 lbs
Back lit LCD display  1.57 X 0.75
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 Built in Italy by MiniPack Torre   
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