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Our wide variety of commercial vacuum sealer and impulse sealer equipment offers everything your business requires for safe and effective storage. Food and other supplies sealed using a commercial vacuum sealer or chamber vacuum sealer can be kept both short and long term. Our chamber vacuum sealer and impulse sealer equipment is ideal for use in meat packing plants as well as the seafood industry. Our impulse sealer will protect food from atmospheric changes for use in the food service industry or for home cooking. For high-quality vacuum packing in your business, equipment we can offer includes:

• Commercial vacuum sealer
• Chamber vacuum sealer
• Impulse sealer


Chamber Vacuum Sealer Sizes for Industrial and Commercial Use



We stock various sizes of commercial vacuum sealer and impulse sealer machines to suit large industrial business all the way down to the smaller business or home user. One of our larger machines, the MiniPack MVS-41XP, weighs 209 lbs and is intended for use as a commercial vacuum sealer in the fishing industry.

The commercial vacuum sealer features three seal bars which can all be used at the same time for maximum efficiency and productivity. We also have a range of smaller chamber vacuum sealer machines, such as the VacUpack commercial vacuum sealer. This tabletop chamber vacuum sealer has a 12-meter pump for hours of continued use, it is made in Italy, and is both lightweight and durable. This chamber vacuum sealer is suitable for a medium sized business or a home user.

We have a wide array of impulse sealer, chamber vacuum sealer and commercial vacuum sealer machines in various sizes and with various features to suit your need. Our commercial vacuum sealer units can be used for:

• Food storage
• Medical instrument storage
• Clean rooms
• Electronics

Impulse Sealer and Adjustable Heights Stand for Employees



Our impulse sealer machines are high quality and backed up by guarantees which differ depending on the model. We offer brands which are known for top quality and durability, with many years of serving satisfied customers. Our trusted impulse sealer and chamber vacuum sealer equipment is used internationally by big and small companies who rely on our machines for effective vacuum packing. While you are purchasing an impulse sealer or chamber vacuum sealer, also take note of the adjustable height stands for employees which can increase:

• Comfort
• Productivity
• Efficiency
• Profit

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