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VacUpack Visaal Commercial Chamber Vacuum Packer & Sealer

VacUpack Visaal Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The Vacupack Visaal is an Italian built Commercial Chamber Vacuum Machine.  

We import these units from Italy, then we upgrade them.  We added 4 heat cycles and vacuum cycles for a total of 8 cycles each.  This allows the unit to be manageable with soft products or to pull maximum vacuum on items needing extreme vacuum like retort pouches. This chamber vacuum machine is excellent for wet vacuum packing like soups and stews.  With this upgrade the unit is able to seal retort pouches with ease.  This includes all types of foil, metal pouches such as retort or any mylar products.  The flexibility of the heat cycle allows for the thinnest bag to be gently sealed or the thickest metal bag to be professionally sealed.  

The VacUpack Visaal along with other vacuum sealers were used for the week of the fish camp to vacuum seal all the the fish caught on the Columbia River. The participants of the camp caught more than 300 fish which were vacuum sealed for freezing, or retort canned.  The Visaal easily kept up with the work load with the 12 meter pump and 8 cycle times and sealing temperatures.  

The next video was taken at the Cabela's Sponsored Fish Camp hosted by Ed Iman Guide Service.  The Washington Lakes filmed the video.  



VacUpack Visaal Feature: 

Dimensions: 19.5 Wide X 23 5/8 Long X 11.5 Tall  

mm 495x600x288h

Vacuum Chamber:  14"X143/8"X71/4"  

mm 355x365x184h

Sealing Bar : 12 inches,  306mm

Heat Wire: 1 Domed Heat Seal Wire

Voltage: 115 Volt 50/60Hz  Standard for USA and Canada 

Maximum Vacuum: 2-4mBar

Vacuum Pump: 12 meter Italian Oil Filled Pump. 

Max Power: 450 Watt

Command Board: 8 Sensor Capacity, Touch Panel 

Weight: 80 lbs  29Kg 

This unit comes Retort Capable.

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