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VacMaster VP210

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VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Packer, Sealer

The New Look of VacMaster!

VP-210 Vacuum Sealer, Cryovac

For those who are finally fed up with the mess and the bag expense of the external type vacuum packers. Operating VacMaster VP-210 is fun, simple and easy to use. This light duty chamber unit the new look and direction from VacMaster. An inexpensive price fits this model in a light commercial category all it's own. The VacMaster VP-210 vacuum sealing system is a light capacity chamber vacuum packer. The VacMaster VP-210 has a 40 second cycle time is perfect for the single operator to maintain a steady pace of Vacuum Sealing for 50 bags an hour. The VacMaster VP-210 is very convenient with it's maintenance free feature, no oil to change with the New Chinese manufactured, dry rocker piston pump.

One of the biggest questions asked us is "which vacuum sealer seals liquid"?  All chamber style vacuum sealer where the bag is placed inside a chamber will seal a bag filled with liquid and not have the liquid removed from the bag.  The reason for this is the atmospheric pressure is being removed from the chamber and not placing pressure on the bag or on the liquid.  With the suction style vacuum sealers atmospheric pressure is pressing on the outside of the bag pushing the liquid with the air removal. 

 This unit easily seals liquid.

With over 10 customer feedback experiences plus our own experiments.

We have now determined the VP210 to NOT be a successful unit for use with retort canning bags.

Our tests showed: Very limited success less than 20% sealing the bag properly. We believe a unit should seal properly 100% of the time. Web sites stating this unit or the VP215 are capable of consistently and properly sealing retort bags are incorrect. It is your families health that is at stake with failed bag canning.

Please look at the MiniPack or Sammic line of higher end commercial chamber units for retort bag sealers.


10" Seal Bar

110 Volts 60 Hz-4.2 Amps

Cycle Time: 45 seconds

Vacuum Pump up to 29.7" Hg

Vacuum Level: 29 1/2" In. Hg

Automatic Operation (Place the bag over the heat bar, close the lid)

Stainless Steel Chamber

Chamber Size: 15" Long x 11.25" Wide x 5" Deep

Outside Dimensions: 14" x 24" x 15"

Shipping Weight: Boxed 83 lbs.

One Year Warranty

Operational Manual

Made in China.

Limited 1 year warranty.

PMG honors labor on warranty work via our repair shop this does not include parts ARY charges for. Any 2nd party repairs are between Ary and the customers for payments made. PMG will not pay 2nd party repairs for warranty work.

Looking for a more robust unit for heavy users, or retort canning?

Do you own a store or home business maybe you are a home owner that wants the most from your dollar. Check out our top quality Sammic Commercial units or the mid range of the MiniPack line.

Call for availability of this unit. 800-227-3769

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