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Sammic SousVide 8 Immersion Cooker

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Sammic SVP-100 SousVide Immersion Circulator - Clip On - Digital- 1/3 hp

New from Sammic

SousVide Cooker SmartVide 8 by Sammic



General features:

Capacity: 56 qt.

Sous Vide Cooker, immersion circulator with stirrer

Holds up to 56-liter/14-gal capacity,

41°F to 203°F temperature range

Full color 3.5"" TFT display

Warning system, core temperature alarm, integrated timer, includes transport bag, stainless steel construction,

2 HP, 120v/60/1-ph, 9.0 amps, ETL, NSF

For consistent controlled cooking. Sammic water baths immersion circulator water bath allows chefs to cook with a precise temperature for a perfectly controlled environment which produces perfectly cooked to exact temperature meats, fish, veggies, deserts all sealed and protected by a Sammic Professional Vacuum Sealer.  

  Sammic SVP100 Clip on SousVide Circulator offers great Versatility.

  • The unit is space saving easily clips onto any large pot. Yet produces the absolute best SousVide available. 
  • Ideal for small restaurants limited on space.  
  • Excellent choice for mobile chefs, or those who have traveling concessions. 
  • This unit is also perfect for the home chef.  Those who want top quality and the ability to easily store the unit in a cupboard with minimal space required. 
  •  The unit easily clips onto a large pot found in most kitchens including steam bath pots or large crab boil type pots.  
  • Specs on pots, the unit can be quickly fitted to a standard stainless or polycarbonate gastronome tank or round, straight sided circular pot with a diameter of 30 CM's or more.  Minimum depth 15 CM's and maximum volume of approximately 56 liters. 

Precise temperatures

  • Temperature accuracy are guaranteed.  The process can be repeated with accuracy and is clearly displayed to 0.1 C.
  • If needed a integrated timer can be set between 1 minute to 99 hours. 
  • Audio and visual notifications at the end of the set period.  The circulator will still continues to operate at the set temperature. 
  • Even after the power is turned off the current time and temperature settings are retained int eh memory.  
  • This is the best and most versatile clip on digital immersion circulator we have used to date.

True to Sammic quality the Sous-Vide meals produced by this top quality circulator will not disappoint.  Competitive Chef's both home and commercial will produce award winning meals with the Sammic SVP100 SousVide Circulator.  

A new SousVide Circulator is available please call for availability. 1-800-227-3769  

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