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MiniPack MVS-50XP

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MVS-50XP Chamber Vacuum Packer Machine from Minipack-America

The MVS-50X or MVS-50XP the difference being the XP has a printer for FDA food regulations being imposed.  The XP model comes with a liquid crystal display and label printer for vacuum traceability. If you plan to sell your products look seriously at the XP models for the printers. Either units are excellent machines for general uses. A good mid grade unit Minipack makes a nice unit for starter business and those looking for quality on a budget but also know they will need to upgrade as their business grows. Kryovac units are essential to any food service industry to extend shelf life, also known as cryovac, vacuum packer, vacuum sealer, the end result is air removal from around the product keeps fats and oils from deteriorating at such a great rate.  Vacuum modified atmosphere does not change where the product is stored just how long it can remain in a freezer, cooler or shelf. Vacuum packing is storage not preservation. 

Built in Italy the stainless steel is 1st grade and will not pit or rust. They both feature digital controls with 9 (50X) or 100 (50XP) programs, electronic vacuum sensor.

0ur miniPack MVS 50X has two 20" heat seal bars on the side of the chamber with 22 inches between the bars. A chamber that is 8.75 inches deep. designed for busy commercial operations that need a high volume vacuum packer. Ideal for portion control, pre-made soups, stocks or sauces, private label products, or production packaging of perishable products. Cryovac sealing machines such as the Minipack MVS 50X use 220 volt power if you are looking for a 115 volt power look at the MVS-52XP with printer.  PMG Vacupack is an authorized reseller or Minipack products if you have any questions call. 1-800-227-3769 

Mini-Pack MVS-50: Chamber Size 26" x 20.5 x 8.75 Between seal bars 22"

Two seal bars 20" length Standard with 4mm Seal Wire and Cut Off Wire

208V /6A / 3ph / 3 hp Motor 220V / Single Phase Optional Motor 20 Second Cycle Time

Weight: 300 lbs. Over all Dimensions: 30.5"W x 27.5"D x 35" H

Price: $7375.00 Sale: $6279.00 we will match or beat any published Internet price by authorized MiniPack Distributors in "good standing".

Item#: MVS50 Minipack America Kryovac Commercial Sealers.

Custom order required: Please call: 800-227-3769

One of the biggest questions asked us is "which vacuum sealer seals liquid"?  All chamber style vacuum sealer where the bag is placed inside a chamber will seal a bag filled with liquid and not have the liquid removed from the bag.  The reason for this is the atmospheric pressure is being removed from the chamber and not placing pressure on the bag or on the liquid.  With the suction style vacuum sealers atmospheric pressure is pressing on the outside of the bag pushing the liquid with the air removal. 

 This unit easily seals liquid.

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