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MiniPack MVS-45XP11

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MiniPack MVS 45-XP11 Commercial Vacuum Sealer

The MVS-45XP11 picture shown! The MVS-45XP vacuum packing system by MiniPack America is a medium duty and medium capacity commercial vacuum packer. Commercial units are also known as Kryovac. The XP model machines have the bump out front. These models have the letter XP in their name standing for printer. These machines have been designed for ease of use in mind relating to complying HACCP and the FDA vacuum packing rules regarding traceability. For any single vacuum packaging cycle, a label is printed with essential processing information. XP models have ten programmable vacuum programs, a liquid crystal display, an oil change reminder, auto-calibration mode, safety system against the risk of seal bars overheating.


Liquid Crystal Display - Relates information relative to packaging, simple to set up and use, quick rapid program setting.

Machine Diagnosis - The unit is able to diagnose technical problems directly from the display without opening machine.

Printing function - Displays: Categories, sub-categories, gas mixtures, expiration date.

The printer function can be turn on or off.

Easy Program Display - Operator can easily select pre-set stored functions with pre-set parameters.

Electronic Soft Air - With several speed levels for the gradual air return into the chamber. Gently places the bag around the product without distorting it's shape or form. Also a plus soft air inflow lessons the amount of bags punctured by sharp points.

Pump Conditioning Program - Prolongs the life of the pump by burning off any excess water vapor after use. Also warms up the oil and pump before heavy use or after prolonged down time.

External Vacuum option - For use with canisters or jars outside the chamber with the adaption kit.

Set Vacuum in percent of vacuum or in mbars

The next video the Sammic 310S shows how Modified Atmosphere works.

Makes no difference if the unit is a MiniPack or Sammic the principles of modified atmosphere or gas flush are the same. Hope you enjoy!

Gas Flush Option can be added at any time. Gas flush Modified Atmosphere, feature is used for products that need the air removed from the bag, but are delicate in nature not wanting the tight squeeze of the bag caused by vacuum packing. The gas flush option allows for the operator at a touch of a button to go from traditional vacuum packing to gas flush, the bag is injected with a nitrogen, or combination of gases to give the bag a pillow effect but be void of oxygen. A great Feature for pastries and or some vegetables will stay fresh and crispy but not crushed. This option is rarely used on meats with the exception of fresh Tuna as it enhances the color without harmful ingredients and dyes.

The MVS-45XII has a 17.75 heat bar that lets you put 2 8" bags side by side or the largest bag the MVS-45XII will handle 17" x 22".

The MVS-45XII is built for medium size operations that need a good quality vacuum packer for portion control, pre-made soups, stocks or sauces, private label products, or production packaging of perishable products. The Mini Pack MVS-45XII is a favorite machine with smaller businesses that package lots of very small items such as cookies, jewelry, disks ect. Overlapping packages is not recommended in a dual heat bar situation. The Optional Liquid Tray will slope the chamber to seal bags of liquid like sauces. The liquid tray bevel in the chamber supports the vacuum bag and allows the end of the bag to lie on the heat bar without the liquid running out.

Or use a block under one of the thinner white trays included with the unit. :) MINI PACK MVS 45 FEATURES: 18" x 18" x 9" Chamber

One 17.75" Single Seal Wire With a Cut off Wire on the Heat Bar

Can be upgraded to dual heat wire for retort canning or regular vacuum packing.

1 hp Rotary Oil Pump

Adjustable Vacuum up to 29.95" Hg

20 Second Cycle Time

Available in 110V, 220V, 14 Amps

Shipping Weight: 250 lbs.

Over All Dimensions: 22" x 24" x 32"

Dome Lid

Gas Flush option

Bag Cut Off option

Duel Heat Bars option

Limited 1 year warranty.

PMG honors labor on warranty work via our repair shop this does not include parts MiniPack charges for. Any 2nd party repairs are between MiniPack and the customers for payments made. PMG will not pay 2nd party repairs for warranty work. Shipping is customers responsibility.

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