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MiniPack MVS-31X

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MiniPack MVS-31X Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The MiniPack MVS 31X vacuum packing system is a chamber style vacuum machine. A commercial vacuum packer that is small enough to fit into a home kitchen. A nice SousVide choice, also popular with sportsmen for the ability to change the depth of the unit with multiple plates. 

The next video gives a brief description of the new MVS31X the new changes and style. The unit comes standard with a cut off wire and heat wire for poly bags. If you are looking for a unit to use with retort canning or mylar bag sealing the MVS31X still lends it's self for this application but does need to be upgraded with a heavier duty heat bar by PMG for this function. This is not a factory upgrade exclusive only via PMG.

The shorter chamber size evacuates a bit faster. However sealing larger bags for items such as roasts or whole chickens the chamber is a bit small in the new MVS31X. We recommend the larger chamber of the Sammic 310S for home or commercial applications that have a need for a larger item to be vacuum sealed. The overall foot print of the two units is approximately the same but the chamber size in the Sammic is several inches longer, giving it more room for larger items.



 Busch 7 Meter Rotary Oil Pump for a fast cycle time and quick air release making this a higher production unit the MiniPack MVS26.

Programmable features give you 9 flexible cycles to extract just the right amount of air for what you are packaging.


Chamber size - 12.75" Wide x 11.75" Long x 4" deep Single Heat Seal Bar Across the Front 12.25"


Over all Foot print 16" x 19" Stands 14" height


Available options: Custom Heat Seal Bar ConfigurationsOur MiniPack MVS31X has a cutoff wire standard and can be replaced with a second heat wire for home packing this option will give you a more secure seal and a must for retort canning.

Gas Flush SystemGas Flush Option can be added at the time or order. Gas flush feature is used for products that need the air removed from the bag, but are delicate in nature not wanting the tight squeeze of the bag caused by vacuum packing. The gas flush option allows for the operator at a touch of a button to go from traditional vacuum packing to gas flush, the bag is injected with a nitrogen, or combination of gases to give the bag a pillow effect but be void of oxygen. A great Feature for pastries and or some vegetables will stay fresh and crispy but not crushed. This option is rarely used on meats with the exception of fresh Tuna as it enhances the color without harmful ingredients and dyes. We suggest PraxAir for your gas supplier, as they are experts in the field for proper amounts of gas and the food you are working with.

Liquid TrayThe Optional Liquid Tray will slope the chamber to seal bags of liquid like sauces.

220 volt available with special order

The MVS-31X vacuum machine will handle bags up to 12" x 14" and is designed for operations that need a high quality vacuum packer for portion control, pre-made soups, stocks or sauces, private label products, or production packaging of perishable products.

Product sealed with a commercial Vacuum packer will extend the life of refrigerated or perishable product by 3-5 times the normal shelf life and eliminate freezer burn. Commercial vacuum-sealed product prevents shrinkage-- the weight you pack is the weight you sell. This feature allows you to buy bulk product and repackage for more profit, and to work ahead during slow periods. The MiniPack MVS-31X vacuum packing system is a medium duty, lite capacity commercial or industrial vacuum packer.

A good size for a home kitchen and a great machine if you are looking to replace a suction style you will see a noticeable better quality vacuum and the bags are less expensive than the textured bags as well as a wide variety such as the retort, Mylar, gold/clear foil, 3 mil-4mil and 5 mil bags can be used with the MiniPack America MVS31X.

The MVS-31X has a 12.25 heat bar that lets you put two 6" bags side by side or the largest bag the MVS-31X will handle is 12" x 14". The MiniPack MVS-31X is a favorite machine with delicatessen counters and smaller meat markets.


12.75" x 11.75" x 6" Chamber

One 12.25" Single Seal Wire With a Cut off Wire on the Heat Bar

.25 hp Rotary Oil Pump

Adjustable Vacuum up to 29.95" Hg

20 Second Cycle Time

Power 110V 9 Amps

Machine weight 100 lb. on a pallet Shipping Weight: 120 lb.

Over All Dimensions: 16" x 19" x 14"

Dome Lid

BUILT IN ITALY MiniPack America offers a 1 year limited warranty not including wearable parts. The MiniPack America commercial vacuum sealers are our medium duty line of chamber sealers. A mid range price point the MiniPack line of vacuum packers is good quality that holds up well under moderate daily use.

For custom order requirements: Please call 800-227-3769


 PMG will match or beat any currently authorized distributors advertised price. 

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