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Retort Canning Pouch 8 Ounce 1000 count

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8 Ounce Retort Canning Pouches 1000 Count Quantity.



Retort Canning Pouches 8 oz 1000 count

This is an FDA approved canning bag used for commercial canning applications.  

There is a popular movement for these bags to be used to create home-style MRE meals.  Although there are no FDA guidelines for processing retort pouches in the home only for FDA facilities in the industrial food production business.   All information for home processing is strictly word of mouth with no FDA approval.  

Home canning processors using a chamber vacuum sealer and home pressure canner are enjoying these bags. Use great care with time and temp as well as sanitation. Extend the canning time and temp well beyond that of FDA approved home canning information.  Hopefully soon the FDA will write the home canning guidelines using retorts. 

We do not take any responsibility for home canners results.  We simply sell packaging and are not an FDA approved information source. 

Commercial applications: Consult your health department and HAACP program guidelines for full FDA approved methods. 

Home-owners: There are no FDA guidelines for canning in retorts at home. Can at your own risk we are not liable for any issues relating to canning with retorts in the home.

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