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11" x 50' Full Mesh 3 mil Bulk Roll

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11" x 50' Full Mesh 3 Mil Bulk Roll by ARY VacMaster

Full Mesh Vacuum Seal Rolls. 1 roll - 11.5" x 50ft

A VacMaster product for all clamp or suction style home vacuum sealers.  This 3 mil full mesh lined bag is an excellent choice for any home style vacuum packer for food saving and storage.  Vacupack brand, or any retail brand such as FoodSaver, Deni, Rival, Weston, Magic Vac, Seal-A-Meal and so many more.  

The mesh lining makes evacuating the air from the bag very simple for even the smallest of vacuum sealers.  The mesh lining does not crush under the pressure of the larger sealers such as the Weston Pro2300 or Pro2100.  Compatibility Guaranteed to any home style vacuum sealer.

Cut and shape the size needed with the extra large 50 foot roll.  If you have a bag storage compartment on your vacuum sealer re-roll half of the bulk roll making two rolls that will both fit into storage compartment easily. 

Made in China 


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