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8" x 50' Full Mesh 3 Mil Bulk Roll

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8" x 50' Full Mesh 3 Mil Bulk Roll by VacMaster

Full Mesh Vacuum Sealing rolls. 1 roll - 8" x 50ft

These are an FDA Approved vacuum sealing roll.  The material is a 3 mil mesh fully lined tube to be cut into bags the exact size you need.

The bags work best with suction clamp style home vacuum packers.  The bags are compatible with any brand of vacuum sealer such as our Vacupack line with the Elite, Deluxe and Lite as well as the MiniPack Turbo.  If you own a retail store brand such as FoodSaver, VacMaster, Weston, Deni, Rival or any other name you will love how easily your vacuum packager can suck and seal these bags.  They hold tight in the freezer for food storage and are boil-able, microwaveable, freezer and cupboard.  A great all around vacuum sealing bag in a huge bulk roll at a great price.  

This plastic bag material is BPA Free and FDA approved for food saving and storage.

If you need a smaller roll just re-roll about half the big roll to make two smaller rolls that fit perfectly in your cutting and storing compartment on your food saving device.  These bags can be boiled briefly to reheat foods but not a great SousVide long term hot water cooking bag.   

The roll bag material is made in China by VacMaster

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