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Vacupack Elite

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Vacupack Elite vacuum sealer voted #1 Chef choice 2011

No other unit on the market today can compare with the quality and unique features of the Vacupack Elite vacuum sealer. The Elite appeals to those folks who appreciate top of the line quality! The Elite is built with a stainless steel no rust outer case. The heat bar assembly is unique, no other unit on the market today can seal a wet bag as easily as the Vacupack Elite. To operate use the simple one touch control panel.  The channel design is the easiest to clean and load. This is the strongest most powerful unit on the market, yet it fits nicely in your kitchen without being oversized. An unmatched 2 year warranty sums up all the top requests for a homestyle vacuum sealer.  

 The VacUpack Elite features a powerful piston pump and is Italian built with an emphasis on rugged and durable quality. The sealing system has a crimping heat bar for solid and secure sealing which eliminates open wet bags, or seals breaking open in the freezer. Heat seals are 12.5 inches across the face of the machine.

The VacUpack Elite is a top quality, high production channel style vacuum packer with a cool running motor that allows for repeat packaging. After 35-50 consecutive seals a cooling off period is advised. In addition, this unit can seal wet bags (no soup or excessive fast flowing liquid) with no worry of stress or damage to the pump! The extra high raised snorkel helps to insure no moisture will be drawn into the pump even when sealing wet, damp products. This unit has a moisture trap to keep excess moisture from meat and fish reaching the pump. Even if the operator does flood the channel, there is no worry of damage to your machine. The moisture trap will divert the liquid away from the pump! 



 The VacUpack Elite offers a vacuum port to use an external vacuum hose on jar sealers and optional containers. The VacUpack Elite uses standard textured bag material such as the VacUpack 4 mil trade marked bag material on rolls or precut sizes. It is also compatible with all the 3 mil rolls and bags we have available. Check out rolls and bags on this site!

  • This channel style unit has been long awaited by those who want automation, or manual mode operation. You will appreciate the hands free automatic feature and the ability to have full control in a manual sealing mode with variable temperature seals.  
  • The best quality stainless steel is used in construction of this "commercial grade" unit. This machine will not rust!! The VacUpack Elite is for the serious sportsmen, gardener, jerky maker, fishermen or woman, gourmet Chefs for kitchen and light commercial usage. 
  • Voted the #1 Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer for 2011.

The Vacupack Elite seals mason jars and canisters. A hose is included with the unit which is able to adapt to both wide and narrow mouth jar sealer accessories.  Canisters can also be vacuum sealed with the Elite Vacupack some adjustment in hose arrangements may be needed depending on the brand of canister.

When sealing powder products such as flour, dry herbs, powdered tomato paste, dry soaps, any product that is dusty, powder. Also products that are sharp such as rice, beans, jerky, products that can puncture the vacuum bags the next video shows how to use a paper bag to hold the product then vacuum seal. The paper bag allows the air to be removed while the product stays in place and is covered with an extra layer to protect the vacuum bag. We have these paper bags available.

The next video show the benefits of vacuum sealing even the meat that comes wrapped from the butcher. It is not necessary to wrap meat before vacuum packing but it is also not necessary to remove any wrap before vacuum sealing. The freezer time for meat is extended 3-5 times over just freezer wrap as the air surrounding the meat is removed.

The Vacupack Elite is a very simple to operate channel style home vacuum sealer. The next video is about operating instructions.

Cleaning the Vacupack Elite is quick and easy. Take a look.

Last but not least a few more things about the Elite. Some repeat from other videos some may be new to you. If you still have questions about the Vacupack Elite or any product we offer please call us. 1-800-227-3769 or 425-264-0195 

FAQ:  "Which vacuum sealer seals liquid"?  All chamber style vacuum sealers, where the bag is placed inside a chamber will seal a bag filled with liquid. The liquid will stay in the bag.   The reason for this is the atmospheric pressure is being removed from the chamber so there is no pressure on the bag. 

 With the suction style vacuum sealers like the Vacupack Elite, atmospheric pressure is pressing on the outside of the bag pushing the liquid with the air removal.  To get a good seal the unit must have an excellent heat bar. The heat bar must become hot enough to seal the bag while liquid is running over it, cooling it off.  The Vacupack Elite has the best of the best, a crimping heat bar. The heat bar actually stops most of the water in place while sealing.  This type heat bar is far superior to the extra wide heat bands or tiny skinny strips of most units.  Care must be taken not to over flood the unit. Although protected with a very tall port and water trap there is no need to carelessly flood the unit. Bags of soup and excessive full bags of water should be pre-frozen. The warranty is 2 years on this unit for manufactures defects, not for miss use and abuse such as careless needless flooding. In those cases the unit is covered by a 5 year service contract.  This unit and every unit with the VacUpack name has the best warranty and coverage of any vacuum sealer on the market today.  

 This unit easily seals wet damp bags. 100% Guaranteed. 

(no soup or excessive liquid sauces) 

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