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5 mil 8x22 Flat Bag 500 ct

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5 mil 8x22 Flat Bag 500 ct Poly Bag Chamber Sealers Impulse Pouch Storage

5 mil Thickness Premium Pouch: 8"x22" Flat Pouch: {OD} Box of 500, BPA Free! The Highest Available Air Barrier and Commercial Sous Vide Boil-able

This is our Highest Quality Premium Pouch.  Uses, Tuna loins, sausages, Cannabis, Salmon sides, auto parts, electronics and medical instruments. 

Storage Made Simple 

Keep your storage items safe and secure with these premium 4-mil vacuum sealable storage bags. Rated as the industry’s best clear storage pouch, these bags are designed around your needs. They are made with a special co-extrusion process to ensure ultimate strength. Their high air barrier makes them optimal for keeping your items safe from air, moisture, and dust. Commonly used for storing items like food storage, blankets, and medical marijuana, these bags are versatile and easy to use. With virtually limitless applications, they are the perfect storage personal solution for you!

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