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5 mil 8"x12" Flat Bag 1000 ct

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Flat Smooth Pouch, 5 mil 8"x12" Thick Heavy Poly Bag for Commercial Vacuum Machines and Impulse Sealers

5 mil Thickness "Premium Pouch: 8"x12" Flat Pouch: {OD} Box of 1000, BPA Free! The Highest Available Air Barrier and Commercial Sous Vide Boil-able

Our Highest Quality Premium Pouch

This flat bag pouch is used with commercial chamber units and our AmerivacS nozzle machines. Superior Sous Vide boil-able bag, with very high air barrier qualities. Our Sammic Line of vacuum packers the MiniPack line, as well at the VacMaster line of chamber style vacuum sealers and Cryovac's use this type of bag material.

The Best Value for Vacuum Storage Bags 

Vacuum-sealable storage bags vary in size and quality, but these premium 4-mil VacMaster pouches are the best value on the market. Their quality material and user-friendly design make these the best-selling pouch available. This customer favorite is commonly used for storing items like food storage, blankets, camping gear, clothing, and medical marijuana, but has virtually limitless applications! Items are safely sealed in the bag with a VacMaster vacuum sealer, and protected from elements like air, temperature changes, and moisture. Try yours today and see why customers have been raving!

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