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5 mil 10"x15" Flat Bag 125 ct

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Flat Bags 10"x15" 5 Mil Extra Thick Heavy Poly Vacuum Seal or Impulse Sealing Pouch 125 ct.

5 mil Thickness Premium Pouch: 10"x15" Flat Pouch: {OD} Box of 125, BPA Free!

The Highest Available Poly Air Barrier Barrier Pouch also for Commercial SousVide Cooking in a Bag. 

Compact Your Storage 

Garage and attic organization just got easier! Boxes and bags take up valuable space, but these premium 4-mil vacuum sealed pouches condense your clothing and blankets. A Sammic vacuum packager sucks out all of the air, leaving your items safely protected from moisture, bugs, and dust. The end result is a condensed, airtight bag that is stackable, easily stored, and durable against the elements. You can even travel with them! Along with clothing and blankets, these pouches can also store medical marijuana, camping gear, photos and documents, and any other item you need stored.

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