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AmerivacS "The Stand"

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"The Stand"

The Stand by AmerivacS

"The Stand"

The Stand by AmerivacS

Made of Anodized Aluminum, the custom designed stand fits the AVS, AVN and AVP models. The stand allows the user to quickly adjust work height, while positioning the sealer at an angle that is ergonomically favorable, thus helping to increase worker productivity. To maximizing  speed and production is what every company is looking to create. Also very important to create a comfortable work space without injury from repetitive motion. The Stand by AmerivacS allows for the unit to be adjusted for each and every user and their exact height.  From a small person to a very tall user the stand makes using the AmerivacS Vacuum Sealers easy and fun. 

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OPTION: Multi-Position Machine Stand $985.00

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