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VacMaster Pro380  A large homestyle unit for double production. 

VacMaster PRO380 is a large unit for dual bag sealing. The extended 16” seal bar, allows for sealing 2 bags at one time or wider 15 inch bags. With the ability to seal 2 bags at one time with the 16 inch heat bar the production capabilities are double.
Vacuum package pre-made meals and leftovers to game and fish. The PRO380 features a dual piston pump. The cooling fan helps to extend the amount of production the unit can seal before over heating. Ideal for home use, recreational hunters and fishermen, home cooks and for sour vide cooking.
VacMaster PRO380 features an easy to use control panel with pre-set vacuum settings for simple operation. The unit offers a marinating function, excellent for quick prep of ready to cook meals and preparing meats for jerky.
Easily control the amount of vacuum drawn in the bag for delicate items.
The accessory port is used for sealing canisters.
One of the best new features is the extra large roll storage. This allows for a full roll 50 ft long to rest in the storage compartment with a handy cutter.
The transparent lid makes it easy to see where a bag is being placed on the seal bar.

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