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Sammic SE208

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Sammic SE208





Sammic SE 208 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is the smallest unit imported to the USA.  The SE is a “Super Easy” unit to operate.  A heat seal bar 11" wide and chamber 13" long offers a wide range of bag sizes mostly used by home owners, and small businesses.  
The largest bag being a 10" inches wide by 14" inches long holds about 5lb of product or a gallon of liquid.  Anything under that size will easily fit the chamber.  The new SE 208 features a belly in the chamber which now allows a rounder product such as a roast to be sealed. 


Overall Dimensions:

Width: 13"
Depth: 17"
Height: 12"

Chamber Dimensions:
Width: 11"
Depth: 13"
Height: 4.3"
Seal Bar Length: 11"

This item is generally in stock in our warehouse.  Your item will be tested in our facility before it ships to you.  We can confidently state your unit worked when it left our facility it should work when you get it to yours.  And if it does not we will make sure it does no cost to you.  

We guarantee this item and WILL take returns if this unit does not fit your specifications. We do charge a 15% restocking fee and the unit needs to be new in the box for refunds.  Exchanges are always welcome no restocking fee, new or used.  We will upgrade, downgrade or go sideways with what every product suits your needs.    To save us all the time and hassle and mostly money, please call before you buy, we will make sure to help you order the best unit for your exact needs.  It is toll free to you, 1-800-227-3769  Pacific, "West Coast" Time.

After you buy this unit from us we will still be here to help you with operation, question and answers, and of course the needed repair and parts years down the road.  We offer every customer who purchases equipment from us endless Q&A and an overly experienced full service repair department.  We don’t send you off to the manufacture to fend for yourself we are here to service and support you.  










Of course we have bags, and more bags of the best quality we can find available and any accessories for the units.  




Price Matching:  Yes, we will price match or beat any Internet price.  


This comes with Mano a Mano, Apples to Apples service. 


Read carefully if the service described with the drop ship only price slashing Internet sites is what you want.  We too are more than happy to take your money, write a purchase order and go work in the garden.  Washing our hands of any further responsibility to you or the product.  If that is what you want we will gladly kick butt on drop ship Internet sites. 
However if what you want is the above described customer service with experience through the entire buying process and long after the sale.  Everyone here needs to pay bills, eat, raise families in real homes and they work their behinds off for you, and don't come to work for free....   

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