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MiniPack MVS-45XP

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MiniPack MVS-45XP

The MVS45X and MVS45XP both table top models have single seal bars that are 17.75" long located on the front side of the machine. The difference between the two units is the MVS45XP has a liquid crystal display and label printer for tracability via new FDA regulations requarding the food industy and retail sales.  All foods must be tracable back to source.

Made in Italy with a Busch pump the 1st quality stainless steel does not rust or pit and comes ieth digital controls with 9 (45X) or 100 with the (45XP) programs. They both also use electronic vacuum sensors.

The seal bars can be configured in 4 ways:

  1. Factory set with 4mm wide flat seal with plus cut-off wire used mostly in retail food applications for a clean bag.
  2. Option two: A 4mm wide flat seals that parallel with no cut-off-wire.
  3. Option three: One 6mm wide flat seal wire plus a cut-off wire.
  4. Option four: Our most popular option if retort ready.  Retort ready will seal all manor of bags from retort 7mil to mylar 2-3-4-5-or 7mil also any gusset bag, foil bag or 2-3-4-5-mil thick flat pouch. 
  •  Two seals no cut off1 Seal Bar: 17.75"
  • Position of Seal Bar: Front
  • Chamber Size: 18.5" x 18"
  • Height (Chamber+Dome Lid=Total: 4.5"+4"=8.5"
  • Max Product Length: 16" from back of seal bar to rear of chamber
  • Printer: For traceable packages
  • Size: 21.25"W x 24.5"D x 31.25"/18.5"H (lid open/closed)
  • Vacuum Pump: Busch 20m3/H @ 115 Volt/60/1 phase
  • 1 HP, 18 Amps
  • Net Weight: 177 Lbs.
  • Digital Controls w/ 100 programs
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Transparent Lid
  • Electronic Vacuum Sensor
  • Electronic Soft Air
  • 4mm Seal w/ cut-off
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Removable Seal Bar
  • Shipping Weight 
    199 pounds

One of the biggest questions asked us is "which vacuum sealer seals liquid"?  All chamber style vacuum sealer where the bag is placed inside a chamber will seal a bag filled with liquid and not have the liquid removed from the bag.  The reason for this is the atmospheric pressure is being removed from the chamber and not placing pressure on the bag or on the liquid.  With the suction style vacuum sealers atmospheric pressure is pressing on the outside of the bag pushing the liquid with the air removal. 

 This unit easily seals liquid.

 Top and bottom sealing is a special order option on most MVS chamber machines. Minipack chamber machines have a one year limited non-wear item parts warranty. PMG covers labor on warranty issues performed in PMG location.  PMG will not pay 3rd party warranty all warranty work must be approved by MiniPack America.

PMG will do our best match or even beat any advertised price from any "authorized Minipack America distributor"  Give us a call and lets talk! 1-800-227-3769


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